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19 Feb 2017

Moto Rapido into Moto3 with Thomas Strudwick

Moto Rapido have expanded their MCE British Superbike paddock presence to run a Hel Motostar standard class entry with Thomas Strudwick in the hot seat.
Strudwick made his debut in the Santander Consumer Finance KTM British Junior Cup, before progressing into the Motostar class. Now the youngster from West Sussex is looking forward to his 2017 campaign with the support of the Moto Rapido Ducati team.
“This is a new project for the team and I’m very pleased it’s happening. Thomas brings with him his racing team and family so he can be in familiar surroundings and to maintain their own programme with some fantastic support from his sponsor Case Electrical,” said team boss Steve Moore
“For a long time I have wanted to be able to mentor a young aspiring racer, so we are here to give them access to our Superbike staff as one team. We are all really excited to have Thomas join us for 2017 and I’m confident that we can make a difference both technically and professionally for him.
“I’m very pleased that some of our own sponsors (Motul, Solent Scientific, R&G, HEL) have come on board with help for him too. Hopper is very keen on this project to support our young talent and I’m sure Thomas can learn a lot from just being in the pit box and sharing some track notes – I know Thomas is excited to be Hopper’s team mate 2017.”
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