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Thu, 27 Jun 2013

Latest Ohlins now here for your Ducati...

To compliment the super popular Öhlins TTX rear shock that makes a HUGE difference to your Ducati, The latest FGRT819 Road/Track forks from Öhlins are now in stock at Moto Rapido.

Two sets have already been fitted and set up for our customers who are on track playing with them right now.

These are a direct replacement for any 848/1098/1198 with the standard Showa fork, and come with all the brackets and hardware required. (and they look super trick too!) ;)

We have plenty of experience setting up the suspension on the 848 to 1198 chassis's as a direct result of our race team in BSB and the 848 Challenge, so if you would like your bike set up (properly) for how you ride just email or give the workshop a call.

Suspension specialists often miss the basics to setting up a Ducati specifically, they are very different to most other superbikes, but there is no 'black art' to it, just common sense, maths, and a few years practice! so if you'd like our race team to set your bike up, we can do it whilst you wait, just give us a call.

Some prices for you...
2011 Öhlins FGRT 819 Fork kit for Ducati is £2529.
Fitting is £99 including base set up.

The most popular upgrades for your Ducati's bouncy bits...

Custom suspension set up, £120 + parts required (springs etc).(takes approx 2 hours)
2011 Öhlins TTX Rear shock £1198.
Ducati Ride height adjuster (only required on 848 - standard fit on 1098/1198) £119.
Ohlins fork internal upgrade kit - as used on our 848 Challenge race bike, £1098 + fitting.
Trackside custom set up available too.

The 2 hour custom set up is done over a coffee and biscuit, we'll go through what your bike is set to now and advise from there, its a great way to get the best out of your bike before upgrading everything too!

All prices include Vat.

Just pop in, call the workshop on 01962 877998 or email CLICK HERE TO CONTACT THE WORKSHOP to get booked in or for any help with what you need to get that Ducati handling as it should be. (i'm sure we could fix that GP11.1 given the chance..hehehe)

See you soon.

Moto Rapido
01962 877998

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