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NEW ECU Remapping service from Moto Rapido

ECU remap now available, we can turn your stock ECU into the Ducati performance version

Through our workshop, we now have the ability to read and remap the ECU software on the majority of modern Ducati motorcycles : why? well we have noticed a number of Ducati's out there that are fitted with aftermarket exhaust systems but still have the original ECU (hardly suprising as they are over £900 for most of the Ducati perofrmance ECU's).

When fitting either a full race system or changing the end exhaust cans the fuel map needs to be adjusted to suit in order to prevent damage to the motor from lean running and to ensure your bike performs correctly (the point of upgrading the exhaust!), as this is not adjustable on the Ducati/Marelli ECU you have to replace the whole unit, until now.

So we can now remap the standard ECU with all the parameters (not just fuel maps) of the Ducati performance ECU therefore upgrading to the full Ducati Performance version: This is ideal if you have an Akrapovic or Remus system for example.

848/1098/1198 series: for this series of motorcycles retaining the stock ECU means the bike is also continually trying to adjust the exhaust control valve which is removed when fitting the full race systems so often displays an engine fault.

If you would like your ECU upgraded to the proper Ducati Performance version or even back to original just call to get it booked in, it takes about 2 hours including the set up afterwards and costs a fraction of buying the one - we charge just £299 + vat for this service and an hours labour charge (£55 + vat) to fit and set up the new ECU. You are welcome to send the ECU you have by post but please call first.

Custom ECU programming : If you have a special requirement from your ECU - custom fuel mapping, RPM limit, soft limiter change, Ignition timing change, Traction control enabling, lambda sensor deactivating etc. we can custom write the parameters onto your current ECU. Just call for details of what can be done.

Call or email with any questions or queries: 01962 877998 or CLICK HERE TO CONTACT WILF

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