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We have a full range of tuning options for all Ducati's.
The same team working and developing our British Superbikes are avaialble to modify and develop your own bike. 

From performance exhust and fuelling modifcations to full motor and chassis upgrades the options list is huge and often confusing.

Some of the popular upgrades are listed below but each bike and customer need different option to enhance your bike, riding or racing.  So give us a call and we'll go through an upgrade plan for you.

If you are racing your Ducati, we have support packages available from technical support to availabilty to specialist parts. Just get in touch with the details of what you are racing and we'll see how we can help.

For a detailed conversation about upgrading any aspect of your Ducati please call our workshop direct on 01962 877996.

Some of the most popular upgrade options:


748RS-02 at moto rapido

Performance Engine upgrades

An almost infinite amount of possibilities here...!

From a simple exhaust and eprom change to racing engine builds.

  • Race exhausts and ECU/air filter set up
  • Custom ECU remapping - we can Custom map your ECU details CLICK HERE
  • Lightweight flywheels
  • Lightweight Clutches / Slipper clutches
  • Crank balancing and knife edging
  • SPS / Corse / R / RS Camshaft conversions
  • High compression pistons from Pistal.
  • Race valve shimming
  • Specialist cam timing
  • Corse cam belt conversion
  • Lightweight cam belt rollers / pulleys
  • RS / close ration Gearbox kits
  • Oversize valve conversion and head porting /Gas flowing
  • Large airbox / oversize throttle bodies
  • High pressure fuel systems
  • 848 / 1098 /1198 tuning , ECU remap, motor building - Superstock to Superbike.

The list really is endless (and often confusing!)
Please call 01962 873984 to discuss what can be done in detail!

Ohlins for your Ducati

Suspension Tuning...

From a basic set up with the components you have fitted to full upgrades...

  • Custom fork revalve and respring
  • Fork, yoke and swingarm upgrades
  • Race shocks, Showa, Penske, Ohlins
  • Customs geometry settings for road or race
  • Full custom suspension settings for touring, road or race
  • We have lots of race and road experience with suspension so please call to get you bike handling like it should

Brembo performance for your ducati

Brake Upgrades...

Some of the most popular upgrades include...

  • Upgraded pads or discs (we are a Brembo Racing dealer)
  • Adjustable mastercylinders
  • Braided twin brake line conversions
  • Dry break fittings
  • Race high temp brake fluid

Ducati race bike prerparation

Race bike Preparation...

Full preparation for racing or track days...

  • Everything from crash protectors and race bodywork to full race bike prep
  • Lightweight wheels, Marchesini, Dynmag etc
  • Chassis development
  • Motor development
  • Click the "Moto Rapido racing" section for our own race bikes

Ducati 1199R dyno

Our 1199RS BSB Bike on the dyno

Dyno Tuning...

We use a Dynojet 250i Dyno to set up your bikes ignition and fuelling settings.

Custom tuning on the stock ECU or via aftermarket tuing devicis is available.. or preference is alwasy to use the high tunigng specification of the Ducati fitted ECU.

We can adjust and retune the following ECU's for Ducati:

  • Marelli 59M / 5AM (S4R , 996R, 998, 999, 1098 , 848)
  • Mitsubishi (1199 Panigale, Multistrada 1200, diavel)

We are also happy to upgrade the ECU on your Ducati to either Marelli or MoTeC racing systems and can provide a bespoke wiring harness, datalogging and dashboard set up.