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No two bikes are the same, so we tailor the servicing to fit your bike perfectly.
While all Ducati's are scheduled for servicing every 12 months, not everyone covers the same mileage every year, so we need to adjust the servicing accordingly. If you have riden 3000 miles in 2 years you won't need as much done as a rider who has covered 12,000, equally 6000 miles round Brands Hatch is a long way so we are happy to adjust the service items to suit you and your Ducati.

Panigale v2

Looking after your DUCATI...

All about us... We are, and always have been a workshop focused company. We are a small independent workshop that is fully authorised by Ducati to look after your bike.

All our workshop team are Ducati factory trained, very experienced and work only on Ducati motorcycles.
What does this mean to you? It means that your Ducati will be serviced to the highest possible standard by someone who not only knows how to carry out routine maintenance work, but knows exactly what to check on each specific model. We feel this is the only way to a well maintained Ducati.

Fully Authorised AND independant : We are a fully authorised Ducati dealer, but we remain independent, so you get the best of both: prior to 2005 we were a tiny workshop servicing Ducati's without any support or technical benefit of any connection to Ducati. We continue to be a small workshop where you and your bike get the personal attention we are known for, we now have all the the benefits of full support from the Ducati factory:

Moto Rapido are one of the few workshops that can offer the best of both...

Small, personal and professional service
Fully Ducati authorised workshop facility
Desmosedici Authorised workshop
Dedicated service adviser - who will advise and go through the work required excactly
Always up to date with factory revised service bulletins
100% of the Ducati specialist tooling in house
Award winning factory trained technicians
We always use genuine Ducati service parts
Courtesy bike for you to use when we're servicing your Ducati
Workshop collection and delivery service.
Fully flexible servicing, we can advise and discuss just what YOUR Ducati needs, rather than just go by the recommended service list, this keeps your bill sensible too!
Split hourly rates: have two hourly rates, for simple jobs, tyre fitting, valeting, chain adjustments etc we charge HALF price, and our regular hourly rate is low too at just £84 per hour.

We are proud that our servicing prices are as sharp as when we were a small stand alone workshop, so you get more without paying more.

Annual Service

Annual Service

'Ducati Oil Service'

Modern bikes require an annual service and oil change.

Due every 12 months or when the 'Oil Service' light shows on your dash. The milage interval varies with each model, typically between 7,500 and 9,000 miles.

This service can be carried out within a working day, you are welcome to wait or use our courtesy bike.

Price varies with model.

Desmo Servicing

Only due when your Ducati reaches the specified mileage.

This is the specialist service where in addition to the routine maintenance, we check and reset the Desmodronic valve system unique to Ducati motorcycles. We also repalce cambelts where required and carry out some of the more indepth and specilaist service items to the motor and chassis.

Examples of when this is due (miles):

1199 Panigale : 15,000
Multistrada 1200: 15,000
Hypermotard (2013) : 18,000
1098/ 848 : 7,500

This service often takes more than a day to complete, so we offer a service courtesy bike or colletion and delivery.

Price varies with each model and requirement.

Please call us on 01962 873984 and speak to our workshop who can advise accordingly.

Service Desmo

Ducati's up to model year 2006:

Servicing is carried out every 12 months or 6000 miles whichever comes first.

At 6000, 18000, 30000 miles Service '2' is required: + Valve clearence check
At 12000, 24000, 36000 miles Service '3' is required: +Valve clearence check + Camblet replacement service
Moto Rapido Service option : We have two options for the 'Service 3'

This is to cater for bikes that are due the larger service because they have reached the time limit (2 year intervals) but have not reached the mileage (12,000 intervals). This is 'Service 3 lite'

This option excludes mileage only items, such as the front fork strip and refresh (only really required at 12000 mile intervals) so your bike gets just what it needs and you're not paying for service items not required.

It is rare that these motorcycles fit into the service schedule set out by Ducati, so we are completely flexible to our approach to what these bikes need. Call the workshop on 01962 873984 and we can advise what work is needed.

Specialist Servicing Options...

These are the some of the more specific service options available in the Moto Rapido workshop. Below are the most popular options for the dedicated Ducati owner, for the rider or racer who wants the very best out of their bike, developed from our experience with our own Ducati's on road and track, this is the kind work that our reputation is built on. Not available at your average Ducati dealer!

Desmodromic head Refresh: (aka Top end blueprint)

The desmodromic valve operating system used by Ducati is, as all race derived systems, particularly sensitive to the components being set perfectly, so worn rockers or camshafts, valves not seating properly or covered in exhaust carbon and unmatched shim tolerances all result in poor running, difficult starting, poor throttle response, less power and increased oil consumption.

Therefore we offer a full top end rebuild as an upgrade to scheduled servicing. Although during every service we check the condition and clearances of the valve system, our experience has shown that engines with 15000 - 18000 miles (average road use) really benefit from this refresh. Note: For dedicated track or race use we tend to do this service once a season
(depending on the level of tune of your engine)

This is often refered to as a 'top end blueprint' and is very popular with our track day customers and racers, setting the desmo valve system to exact tolerances, rather than factory built ones, simply makes your Ducati as it should be. We often do this service along with cam timing (see below) to get the best out of the desmo V twin engine.

What's Involved:

We remove both cylinder heads, strip and professionally clean them completely, de-coke and pro clean the pistons, barrels and heads, check valve guide condition and replace if required (usually 24000 miles of road use) clean and lap the valves / valve seats, replace worn rockers, replace collets and stem seals. Then assemble each head and set the valve clearances exactly, clean barrels/cases and replace base gaskets and refit the heads.

This upgrade is a complete top end rebuild, and you will notice the difference, more power, smoother running and sharper throttle response are the ususal remarks from customers.

The fun bit...

As we have the heads apart and on the bench for this service, upgrade Camshafts, race rocker springs, R/RS/Corse rockers, rocker covers etc are fitted free! and it is an ideal time for head porting / gasflowing !

Set up service

Moto Rapido Major set up service

Important note...

This is a MAJOR Rebuild (sometimes and called 'Blueprinting') specifically designed by us to get your Ducati running and handling the very best it can.

Every motorcycle is built to a manufacturing tolerance rather than being hand build precisely. This service changes that, this is why we get such good results by carefully setting everything to the exact settings.

We are happy to advise and amend the list of service items on this and all our services to suit your bikes needs exactly - Just call the workshop to go through what your bike specifically needs. This is where our workshop really gets its reputation, there are many Ducati trained mechanics but few can strip and rebuild a motor to this specification. The same people who build our race motors, carry out this level of engine work. Precision and attention to the finest detail are everything.

What's involved...

Everything included in the the major service for your bike PLUS a total engine build as follows...

Remove both heads, completely strip and clean
Inspect and measure:Rockers, valves guides, valves, camshafts and camshaft bearings
Rebuild heads/desmo assy. (SPS / Corse /RS cams available**) set all shim clearances to road or race settings
Clean and de-coke pistons, inspect barrels and piston rings (High compression pistons kits available **)
Bottom end motor strip, clean and inspect cases, crank, con rods and gearbox
Replace main bearings and con-rod bearings (and con rod bolts where applicable)
Re assemble crank assembly and individually shim crank, gearbox and gearbox selection drum into cases - road or race settings.
Squish clearances (piston to cylinder head gap) - measure and advise - Road/race
This is a very involved job, clearances can be changed by altering base gasket size or machining of the barrels

Measure and set / adjust compression ratio
Dial in cam timing (See below)
Refit into frame : including re-torque flywheel nut (Lightweight alloy performance flywheels available **)
Remove forks, strip and check, replace fluid and seals (race/road upgrade valve/spring/oil kits available **)
Remove and re-grease head bearings
Remove rear hub and re-grease (single sided swing arm models)
Set suspension to factory settings (or customer preferred settings, full suspension set up and advice available)
Test ride and report
A very worthwhile note… We can now remap the majority of Ducati ECU's and eprom chips in house. So if you have a special requirement for your 1098 / 848 / 999 etc we can now reamp these ECU's with upgraded fuel tables, ignition tables, alter RPM limits etc, just call.

(Please note: a running in period is required for new piston kits before we can run your bike on the dyno)

Cam timing - Dialing in the cams...

Again, a matter of getting your Ducati running just right. Perfect Cam timing is critical to getting the most out of the Ducati motor, often overlooked in favor of big exhaust kits or high compression pistons. this is an excellent way of getting more from your motor without spending fortunes.

We have many sets of cam timing, each designed for a particular task and model, more top end power, more mid range or more bottom end grunt.

The latest generation of motors (Testastretta superbike, monster and Multistrada) have adjustable cam pulleys fitted as standard so there is little expense, an ideal upgrade to scheduled services.

Previous models can be fitted with lightweight adjustable pulley sets too.

Prices for cam timing: Cam timing is charged at our regular service labour rate as some models take longer than others to set up. It takes approximately 4-5 hours, less if done during a service.

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